👋 I’m Gökhan.

Who Am I?

I have 15 years of experience working in tech, open-source software development (Quanteda Initiative), and applied research. Currently, I lead the Data & AI function at Superside. Previously, I was Head of Data & Analytics at Attest.

I am also a Senior Visiting Fellow at the LSE Data Science Institute, where I spearhead research at the intersection of social policy and generative AI ethics.

What I Like Doing

I am passionate about aligning technical work with the needs of the business to maximise the ROI on data initiatives. I enjoy mentoring data engineers, research scientists, and business analysts to accelerate their growth.

I publish a weekly newsletter on technical team management aimed at middle managers called TeamCraft. I also post about open-source MLOps tools in the Python ecosystem. I used to publish case studies on data visualisation and predictive modelling in my R blog, however it lays dormant since 2018.

I support and champion cognitive diversity. Since 2020, I have been assisting the Tech Talent Charter to run and analyse their annual Diversity in Tech surveys.

I am a computational social scientist by training and occasionally publish research on gender bias, academic indicators, behavioural interventions in surveys, and armed conflict dynamics.

I like playing the bass guitar, and recently released a short EP that you can listen to on Spotify!

It is the chief characteristic of the religion of science that it works. —Asimov

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